OPE Dealer Website Hosting Migrations


We are most adept at OPE dealer website hosting migrations. Pay a ONE TIME FEE, not monthly for OPE dealer website hosting migrations service.

Our OPE dealer website hosting migrations service is not for content or functionality changes, but can be combined with other services when you add them to the cart.

This is a ONE TIME FEE and you do not pay us a monthly fee. You will continue to pay for your domain name and your web hosting to whatever other companies where you have subscribed.

Who Suits This OPE Dealer Website Hosting Migrations Service?

This OPE Dealer Website Hosting Migrations Service by itself suits those whose existing Outdoor Power Equipment website is

  • informational only, not an online store;
  • made with straight up static HTML pages without a shopping system, like Godaddy Website, Wix or whatever;
  • hosted on a typical Web server somewhere like Godaddy Hosting;
  • in need of a different hosting plan within the same hosting company;
  • in need of a better host elsewhere;
  • not growing to a new “system” or “OPE platform” or “e-commerce”.

We can advise you on alternative Web hosting if you desire, or we will move you to the server that you have chosen.

When Do You Need More Than Just This Migration Service?

In either of the following scenarios, you will need to buy this OPE dealer website hosting migrations service PLUS some of our other services so that we can move you to a much better, more flexible, professional WordPress-WooCommerce platform where YOU have total control.

  • You want to start a new OPE business website.
  • Your informational site needs to expand to a catalog or E-Commerce OPE website.
  • Your website is currently powered by unreliable e-commerce systems like ARI/LeadVenture/Dealer Spike or C-Systems/Ideal/TargetWeb, we will move it away from there for you. Time to upgrade!
  • Your website is currently at other constrained, fixed template beginner e-commerce sites like Shopify or Volusion. Time to upgrade!
  • Your website is currently at other constrained ecommerce platforms such as BigCommerce, Miva, or Magento. Time to upgrade!

In any scenario, you need to obtain the new hosting account first so that server is ready for us to perform your OPE dealer website hosting migrations service.
You cannot cancel the old hosting server until we notify you that the project is complete.

**We will not move your site over TO ARI/LeadVenture/Dealer Spike or to C-Systems/Ideal/TargetWeb. They charge expensive monthly fees for nothing, you can not add much of your own design there, they are difficult to use, and they don’t work that well for customers. It is unfortunate to have to tell you that if you want to go there, you are on your own, good luck.

What This OPE Dealer Website Hosting Migrations Service Involves

OPE Dealer Website Hosting Migrations illustration from yellow server to blue server

  • No edits are made to files.
  • No design changes are made to the look of the website.
  • We will only move an OPE dealership website from one server or host to a new server or Web host.
  • We make a back up of your current website on its existing server.
  • The new server is configured to receive the files.
  • The files of code and images are moved to the new server, maintaining the exact file and folder structure.
  • If any URLs are not able to be kept the same, then 301 redirects are configured to point requests for old paths to new paths.
  • SEO is preserved.
  • Domain Name Server entries are fixed to point website clicks to your new server.
  • After all that, you can cancel the old hosting.
Sidenote Hot Tip:
We have a vastly more professional level, flexible and functional OPE website system than plain HTML pages or WIX or Shopify or ARI/LeadVenture/Dealer Spike and C-Systems/Ideal/TargetWeb or ANYTHING else.

For your own good concerning dynamic website management, and for the best ability to obtain new customers, and for your customers ability to find what they want, and for your product listings to be correct and up to date, we highly recommend that your OPE dealer websites make use of the massive benefits of our WordPress – WooCommerce combination OPE platform. There is nothing, and I mean NOTHING even close to the vast offering of WP & WooCommerce.
WP & Woo > Plain static HTML pages
WP & Woo > Shopify
WP & Woo > Wix
WP & Woo > BigCommerce
WP & Woo > Magento
WP & Woo > Volusion
WP & Woo > C-Systems/Ideal/TargetWeb
WP & Woo > ARI/LeadVenture/Dealer Spike

Why We Recommend WordPress Above Every Single OPE Website Option?
It is free, Open Source software. Once it is installed on your server, configured and filled with your content, you will love that it is way easier for you to

  • manage and operate,
  • add functionality without coding,
  • change the look,
  • new pages, pictures, any content,
  • news stories and updates,
  • email list generation,
  • share to social media,
  • manage products and prices,
  • form package deals,
  • run sales & promotions,
  • offer coupons,
  • SEO,
  • feed products to marketplaces,
  • do everything that contributes to running a successful ecommerce store online.

We have tried everything and nothing compares to WordPress-WooCommerce.

Move To WordPress for OPE Dealer Websites

To upgrade and take advantage of the WordPress-WooCommerce platform, your OPE dealer website hosting migrations service will move you to either of the following two hosting recommendations, and you’ll need to buy this migration service PLUS our "Wordpress for OPE Dealer Websites" service.

WordPress Hosting Recommendations for OPE Dealer Website Hosting Migrations

Choose One:
WP Engine WordPress Hosting
SiteGround WordPress Hosting


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