Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturers Product Catalogs

An efficient, accurate, timely outdoor power equipment manufacturers product catalogs system

Discover how our outdoor power equipment manufacturers product catalogs system delivers automatically to dealership websites on time and with correct data and prices. Read on…


Late and Error Laden Catalogs

Late and erroneous products displayed on dealership websites.

Until now, OPE dealers have had a heck of a time getting timely and accurate product images, descriptions, features & benefits, specifications, and prices to display on their websites so they can sell more of your products.


Unreliable Catalog Solutions Providers

Undependable solutions providers.

Outdoor power equipment manufacturers product catalogs solutions providers have supplied dealerships with faulty solutions. Their product catalogs arrive late and they supply dealers with incorrect pricing or they have copy and pasted from the Internet for product images that are ugly or misrepresented.

Some dealerships have taken it upon themselves and inefficiently scraped manufacturers’ websites and very haphazardly added them to their own sites.


Manufacturers’ Products Self Syndication

Product catalog self-syndication.

Syndication presents numerous problems of its own. Two high profile problems with direct syndication from one manufacturer to many retailers: 1) How can manufacturer 1 supply their product catalog directly to their many non-technical dealerships who also carry other lines? 2) How could manufacturer 2 send their catalog to the same dealers as manufacturer 1, if their data is not formatted the same as manufacturer 1?

Syndication requires standardization of data.


Standardized Distribution

Central repository of standardized product data.

If all manufacturers exported their product data to a central repository from where it could be distributed to certified dealerships, then the dealerships would have better websites and their customers would more easily find what they want.

Manufacturers would enjoy better visual representation of their products all over the Web, and sell more.

Dealerships would enjoy the ease of obtaining timely and accurate product catalog displays, and sell more.

Internet web servers monitors representing API and FTP

Manufacturer’s Catalog Export

Whether it is accomplished via API, FTP or both, or direct database connection, the data and images are imported from the manufacturers’ databases to our central repository. Variously formatted data can not go directly into the OPE dealers’ websites. Note: EDI is not a real time solution.

blue servers stacked in server room.

Product Catalog Data Format

All of the database tables and fields received from various manufacturers get standardized. That means they are mapped to the field names that the dealerships expect to receive on our OPE dealer E-Commerce platform.

Green and blue flow diagram of Outdoor Power Equipment manufacturers product catalogs to websites

Catalog Distribution to Dealership Websites

We distribute each Manufacturers’ product catalogs and pricing to their certified dealerships.

Gray and black dashboard screenshot of Outdoor Power Equipment manufacturers product catalogs mapping to websites

OPE Dealerships Product Catalog Imports‚Äč

Certified dealers on our E-Commerce platform can import or merge the standardized data simply and efficiently into their online store. This can be automated by server commands and API.

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