Import OPE Manufacturers Product Catalogs

Currently, outdoor power equipment stores do not have a reliable method to import OPE manufacturers product catalogs into their ecommerce sites. Dealerships can not rely on any of the previously available systems to produce trustworthy product catalogs information and presentation. OPE dealerships only have had two painful choices:

  1. Resort to costly, painfully slow DIY methods such as searching, copying and pasting from manufacturers’ sites or other dealers’ sites.
  2. Pay enormous fees to painfully unreliable “OPE providers” who are doing the above for them.

Both of the above two scenarios are too expensive and slow, indeed their cost to value ratio is outrageous.

5 Huge Problems of Product Info Systems for Dealerships

In either of the above two scenarios, without a doubt, manufacturers are not providing the product data, images, prices directly to their dealers. Rather, the dealerships have to obtain it all by unreliable means, moreover they often receive it with errors or grouped for presentation in nonsensical ways. That all creates 5 huge problems for dealerships:

  • New year data is very slow to get.
  • Prices are consistently incorrect.
  • Customers can not find what they want.
  • Dealership sales are not as high as they could be.
  • Dealerships pay high prices for bad information. They are so frustrated and desperate for a solution.

PROBLEMS SOLVED! We solve the accurate and searchable product catalogs problems of other OPE website providers. Through, Outdoor Power Equipment brands empower their dealerships to swiftly and seamlessly import OPE manufacturers product catalogs.

Depicts normalized database to import OPE manufacturers product catalogs
Many manufacturers, each with their own database format, normalized into a standardized form that all dealers can import

With proper catalogs of products provided by OEMs themselves, dealerships can

  • rely on the provision of accurate product data
  • give their customers better product presentation
  • sell more equipment and accessories

When dealerships sell more, they can buy more product from the manufacturers they represent. eliminates all of the unnecessary, slow, untrustworthy work that has been used to import OPE manufacturers product catalogs. We are standardizing the product data from every manufacturer to make it easy for dealers to import accurate data.

Why Do Dealerships Want To Import OPE Manufacturers Product Catalogs?

  • Content – Dealers have to show what they’re all about. More content gets better search engine listings.
  • Accuracy – The largest Web problem for outdoor power equipment stores is the accurate display of products they want to sell. This is a bigger problem than website design. It is a bigger problem than search engine listings. Product content is even a bigger problem than accepting online payments.
  • Trust – Store owners do not trust the data provided by other OPE website providers.
  • Images – Other OPE providers send incorrect or unacceptable images to dealer sites.
  • Grouping – Dealers also struggle with the way other providers categorize and “type” the equipment causing grouping problems on the dealer websites. It is unlikely that all products are displayed in their expected groups or found in searches.
  • Pricing – The most egregious mistakes in product catalogs are prices. In our own dealer site, we had to post “Call For Price” because ARI provided prices consistently wrong.
  • Speed – It is so much faster to download data than to obtain and input the product catalogs any other way.
  • Efficiency – Less manpower is required to import OPE manufacturers product catalogs. Likewise, less hours have to be devoted to obtaining complete and accurate product information.
  • Sales – Both the manufacturers and their dealerships can sell more when the correct information is shared and pleasantly displayed.

Man at computer trying to import OPE manufacturers product catalogs by reaching through his screen into the factory.

Why Manufacturers Connect Catalogs With

Manufacturers who partner with have great advantages, subsequently their dealers enjoy great advantages, and ultimately the end users show appreciation by buying more.

Dealers need to sell, and to sell, they need to show customers exactly what the manufacturers have to offer this year.

Customers need to find the products that suit them and to do so without a lot of messing around.

There are so many OPE manufacturers and brands and they each store their product data differently. Databases are different and column names within them are different.

When a manufacturer connects to, their product data is normalized into a standard database format. This way, the receiving website can easily import OPE manufacturers product catalogs and depend on the data being complete and accurate.

Dealerships can properly populate their websites with truthful product information for the customers by connecting to one standard database format of product information by all manufacturers.

We strive to remain a trusted source for dealerships to import OPE manufacturers product catalogs.

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