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DIY Outdoor Power Equipment Company Website that Obtains Quality Leads

Maybe your Outdoor Power Equipment company website does not actually sell big ticket items online. They are too expensive to ship or too large for “final mile” shippers to carry. In brick and mortar store selling, next to Location, Location, Location, the basis of all sales is high quality leads.

You need lead flow, customers entering the sales pipeline (funnel) at all times. You do not want to spend time and money trying to cultivate bad leads. Read on about the sales funnel and the customer journey.


How To Run Your Own Outdoor Power Equipment Company Website To Get High Quality Leads?

If your Outdoor Power Equipment company website does not actually sell online, the website should be the basis of your customers decision to buy,. In other words, they need to visit your physical store. Only good leads are going to come in to become actual customers. Once you greet your web customers in your store, can your rely upon the information that they gathered from your website to help you convert them to sales?

A website visitor who is not well sold on you, your staff, your store, your products, and your ability to back them up, is just a prospect.

How will your website move them from prospect to high quality lead?

Furthermore, are there any forms of “leads” other than in store visitors? Yes, digital leads. They can progress through the buying stages (funnel) to either buy online or come into your physical store. It is always best to receive a customer’s money on the spot when they decide to buy. Then they will not go elsewhere or change their minds. So, it may behoove you to sell smaller goods online and not risk losing those sales. The bigger ticket item customers will have to be REALLY sold on your Outdoor Power Equipment company website so they will be certain to visit in person with their money.

Use this table of contents as your guide through some key ways how to make a Outdoor Power Equipment company website that drives high quality leads.

Actions You Can Take To Improve Your Outdoor Power Equipment Company Website


This brown wood plank wall is like a Outdoor Power Equipment company website that is not yet built
New site like a blank wall awaiting your design, layout, and content!

On a website, the user is the visitor reading and interacting (hopefully) with your content. If they have a bad experience, they will be tainted or lost. If tainted, they have a difficult time flowing through “the funnel”. If they fall out of the funnel, they are lost. has proven design templates for any Outdoor Power Equipment Company Website.

Your Outdoor Power Equipment company website is an extension of you.

One template of our Outdoor Power Equipment company website
OPE dealership websites that SELL!
A second template of a Outdoor Power Equipment company website

Read on to discover ways for you to make the users’ experiences great.

Design –

Do not make your site overly graphic so as to slow down the web pages as they try to appear on somebody’s computer or mobile screen.

Navigation –

Create sections of the site that make sense. Think of categorization of pages with similar intent.

Layout –

Lay content into pages of sections in a visually pleasing yet practical and functional way without viewer distraction.

Content –

Add what would most help the customers and use words and phrases they understand and that they would type into search enginges.

User Accounts –

Enable customers to create accounts with saved information that can be used repeatedly without re-typing.


Sales Funnel –

The sales funnel is the flow of many visitors (when they first become aware), into the pool of leads, and down the narrow tube to drop into your customer hopper (when they decide to purchase). This WordPress funnel plugin can help.

Customer Journey –

The customer journey is how you steer them from step to step to encourage them to funnel into a the hopper of real customers. That journey encompasses the entire experience with your company through all touchpoints. You need to find out what the average “journey” is. Then cater to the typical customer journey through to their decision to buy outdoor power equipment from you. If you can “map” their journey, or various journeys, you can steer them. That is how to convert users to customers. This link may help you to map the customer journey.


Divide customers into whatever stage they are currently in their buying journey and provide what they need to progress to their next stage.


Tell readers what to do next with your Call To Action.

Socialize –

Meet potential customers where they hang out most. Make friends, do not hassle them with selling.


Decode –

Learn what brings people to your site, and what parts of the site they like or don’t like.

Understand –

What worked and did not work to drive more sales in your target market.


To be able to know what worked or did not work, you need a base point from which to measure. The main ones you want to measure are Key Performance Indicators. If you beat them, it is an indication that your performance is improving.

Decide –

Your team will need to decide which Key Performance Indicators should be measured against to increase your website’s sales. Which of the many possibilities really matter?

Visitors –

Establish initial starting count or average and increase that traffic. (Count entire site, and certain important pages.)


Know how much you spend to acquire whatever quantity of visitors.

Conversion –

Know what percentage of visitors become customers.

What Are The Digital Marketing Challenges An Outdoor Power Equipment Company Website Faces?

If you don’t know it is broken, how can you fix it? Your team needs to come to realization of the challenges ahead. From there, a plan of action can be devised.

Not everything written below is a direct challenge to the website. Everything can be connected to a website if you want it to be, though. Whether or not you make your site directly touched by all of the challenges is up to you. Just know that it all can come around to the website in some way or another eventually.

Since a outdoor power equipment company website can be the center of it all, you might as well know how it can all tie together so you can try to do it yourself.


Competition –

Your store is not likely the only outdoor power equipment store that people can drive to within your local area. There are also big box stores within reach. How are you intending to attract some attention and inform people why they need to check out your store? If you are shipping products nationally, then that is a bigger problem because national competition is much greater.

Demographics –

The entire population of the area where people who can reach your physical store will not consist of homeowners who cut their own grass and trim their own trees. Other considerations are how to target homeowners, landscaping professionals, or construction businesses. So how are you going to drill down to the real potential customers so you can generate leads from your site?

Niche market –

The target niche might be specific tools or equipment, or might be homeowners, landscaping professionals, or construction businesses. How will your dealership marketing focus on the differences?

Economy –

Unfortunately the economy is subject to ebbs and flows. How will you prepare for downturns, or make the most of upturns in spending trends?

Season –

In most parts of the country, outdoor work with most of the tools and equipment in your store will be spring, summer, fall. Some dealerships have a fourth OPE season in winter with snowblowers, shovels, windshield scrapers, brushes and such. Will your message change with the seasons?


Online –

Digital things that you can do to generate, develop and cultivate leads are abundant. Do you have someone on your staff to handle these enormous tasks?

Offline –

Traditional marketing channels, such as print advertising and trade shows will require your dealership to maintain a strong presence. Is your dealership balancing online and offline marketing and allocating resources well?

Brand –

Brand presence grows with trust from potential customers. Is your dealership website building trust in the outdoor power equipment industry? How are you planning to make people aware of your brand?

Reputation –

Another trust point, online reviews and customer feedback play a significant role in making a company’s reputation public. Are you monitoring your name and brand throughout various online channels and addressing negative posts while promoting positive feedback?

Content –

If you intend to run a DIY Outdoor Power Equipment company website that obtains high quality leads, you need to pump out a quantity of content. How are your writing and graphic skills?


It is vital to optimize your outdoor power equipment company website to be indexed by search engines and ranked at or near the top of listings every time a potential customer searches for something related. This is the root of all success stories in the business. Are you able to discover what people are typing into search engines, and create content that will be listed and ranked in their search engine listings?

Analysis –

You will need to measure all of your digital efforts and analyze their performance. The data is out there for you, and it can direct your attention to what needs help and what is worth your focus. Do you know how to get the data and what to do with it to spur improvement?

Cash Flow –

Not everyone can throw money randomly around in trial and error. Would it not be great for you to understand where to focus your expenses on avenues that will produce your best return on investment? If you could generate more revenue cost effectively, profitably, would you be able to use that positive cash flow on other things?

More About How To Make Your Outdoor Power Equipment Company Website Bring In Top Quality Leads

Build on your outdoor power equipment company website to overcome the challenges. Create customer journeys to make people aware of your site and flow them through the funnel to become real customers.

We invite you to respond to this article in the COMMENTS below. Running a DIY outdoor power equipment company website that gets great leads is an immense undertaking. Someone will reply to your comment, so ask away, or add some tips.

BTW, if you do not know how to design a website, can provide the bones for you to build out the aforementioned tactics.

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